The Swan

Danny O'KeefeHP, Poetry, Random Musings

You are soaring out into the air
In a moment eternal you are gone
Haunting the skies of history
With grace and beauty, like a swan

I have stared at you wondering
How much the eye can take
Until my heart tugs and pulls away
As it crazes and it breaks

Truth constantly amazes
At how little That we know
Staring up at heaven
Waiting for the blow

Some with illumined courage
When there’s nowhere left to stay
Shed their shells upon the earth
Unfurl and fly away

There is no direction for the soul
In a state relieved of planes
You wing intra-dimensionally
Till you cannot be constrained

They say that saints awaken
Totally radiant and true
In a great, compassionate moment
I imagine this of you

Your form is pure, Olympian
In a game that has no odds
Born aloft by angels
Now consort to the gods

You are finally free, Empyrean
From the fire into the light
A point on the celestial sphere
That holds us to the night

I let your picture catch me
When I think that Life’s unfair
Your haunting, avian beauty
That rents that morning’s air

There is a sound that lingers
Falls to silence and is gone
A wrenching, mythic canto
Like the aria of the swan

© 2004 Bicameral Songs