Songwriter Danny O’Keefe Guides You To Wondrous Nez Perce Land

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Forbes Magazine
by Gary Stoller
Oct 21, 2020,08:00am EDT

Native American reservations and surrounding lands are a fountain of knowledge for travelers looking to learn about the early history of our country. Many, though, are unfamiliar with the Nez Perce, a Northwest tribe that has become the subject of a new album, Looking Glass & The Dreamers, by singer-songwriter Danny O’Keefe.

The Nez Perce once lived on the plateau lands and valleys in Washington, Idaho and Oregon and now live on a 770,000-acre reservation in north-central Idaho. O’Keefe was born in Spokane, Washington, about 150 miles north of the reservation, and has lived in or near Seattle most of his life.

He has visited many Nez Perce sites and is eager to point the way to them for prospective travelers. The Nez Perce currently have more than 3,500 citizens in their federally recognized tribal nation.

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