The Day to Day


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Danny O’Keefe’s 7th solo release came in 1984.

Produced by: Matthew McCauley, Tony Peluso and Danny O’Keefe
Engineered By: Mark Linett & Paul Brown, Tony Peluso with Ralph Sutton, Larry Nefzger

Vocals: Danny O’Keefe
Bass: Veyler Hildebrand, Gabe Katona, Dan Dean
Guitars: Steve Farris, Hadley Hockensmith, Randy Strom, Joel Tepp, Danny O’Keefe
Drums: Pat Mastolato, Chris Leighton
Keys: Gabe Katona, Beth Chandler
Percussion: Steve Foreman
Background Vocals: Timothy B. Schmidt, Leah Kunkel, Penny Nichols, Lane and Tina Gullickson, and Carolee Mayne, Chris Leighton, Beth Chandler, Carolee Mayne