Danny O'Keefe
Looking Glass & The Dreamers is the culmination of Danny O'Keefe's years of historical research, first-hand exploration, and emotional turmoil spent unraveling the tragic story of the Nez Perce Native Americans and how they lost their homeland in present-day Oregon and Idaho. Along the way the project grew and melded into a collection of compelling narratives, historical photographs and the twelve captivating songs that make up the package.


Sample songs from the CD are here...

Danny writes - It all began as a dream. I was trying to write a song using metaphors or twists on the allegories of Alice à la Through the Looking Glass. Unable to connect the allegories in any meaningful way, I drifted into sleep and dream. As I was waking to the room, I was given the words: "Looking Glass in Oregon one night had a dream. Of soldiers slowly riding in a solemn, endless stream." And that's how it began. A mirror was being held up to me ... and a lens.

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