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In the old “ball” game “Home” is where you start and, if you make it around all the bases, it’s where you end up. This is a recording I’ve wanted to make for some time. The basic tracks were cut live with a group of musicians who have been my friends for many years and are fixtures in the Northwest music scene. The songs are some of my favorites from over the years and some were written as far back as the 1960’s. It was fun to play them again.

Special thanks to Garey Shelton for his prowess at the board and his great feel on the bass. Joel Tepp definitely knows how to slide his guitar around the bases and plays the harp on “The Road” with great feel. Ben Smith kept us all together rhythmically, as did Jeff Bush on percussion. Keely Whitney and Lena Bundy gave seamless background vocals. Jay Thomas added that something special to “Junkman.” Special thanks to Terry Holder for her duet on “Quite” (www.terryholder.com.) Deep thanks to all of you.

Special thanks to Don Hamilton and Lorna St. John and to Chris Duff and the Spokane Indians Baseball Club for all their help with photos at the Spokane Indians Avista Stadium. Dirk Kortz painted the “Home” cover. You can find more of his wonderful art at www.dirkkortz.com. Thanks also to Chris Marr and Tom Keefe. And to Marlin Greene for all his design help with the cover and his friendship through the years.

There are many memories for me in these songs. I hope there are many for you, too.

Producer / Engineer: Garey Shelton
Cover Painting: Dirk Kortz
Photo: Don Hamilton

Guitar / Vocals: Danny O’Keefe
Slide Guitar / Rhythm Guitar / Harp: Joel Tepp
Bass: Garey Shelton
Drums: Ben Smith
Percussion: Jeff Busch
Trumpet: Jay Thomas
Vocals (Duet on “Quits”): Terry Holder
Backing Vocals: Keely Whitney, Lena Bundy, Liz Aday, Tina Hart