In Time


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This recording was begun in September of 2005 just as Katrina was destroying our beloved New Orleans. That it turned out so beautifully is a testament to the skill and dedication of the musical artists who made such great contributions.

Special thanks to:
Mick Conley and Terry Wilson, Carson Whitsett, Marty Stuart, Garey Shelton, Ben Smith, Jim Brock, Viktor Krauss, Joel Tepp, Dennis Matkosky, Randy Leagos, Kurt Johnson, and Beth Chandler.

Most of all, this album was made possible by the faith, love, and persistence of Laurie Hare. Without her this journey would not have been undertaken.

Release Date: November 18, 2008
Producer / Engineer:
Mick Conley
Cover Photo: Laurie Hare

Vocals: Danny O’Keefe
Guitars: Danny O’Keefe, Mick Conley, Joel Tepp
Keyboards: Carson Whitsett, Randy Leago, Dennis Matkosky, Beth Chandler, Viktor Krauss
Bass: Garey Shelton, Viktor Krauss
Drums: Jim Brock, Ben Smith
Background Vocals: Terry Wilson
Mandolin: Marty Stuart
Harmonica: Kurt ‘Jelly Roll’ Johnson