Light Leaves the West


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Danny O’Keefe’s 12th solo release came in 2014.

Producer: Garey Shelton
‘More Than You Can Bear’ and ‘Weathered’ Produced and Engineered by Mick Conley. Thanks to Tom Hall for additional engineering and Elektrokitty Studios
Album Photos: Danny O’Keefe, Davis Freeman
Recorded at: Garey Shelton Productions
Recording Engineer: Garey Shelton
Additional recording: Atlantic Recording Studios, NYC
Recording Engineer (NYC): Gene Paul
Production Asst.: Neil Rosengarten
Album Design: Marlin Greene

Vocals: Danny O’Keefe
Guitars: Danny O’Keefe, Joel Tepp, Mick Conley
Electric Guitar: John Morton
Bass: Garey Shelton
Acoustic Bass: Viktor Krauss
Keys: Brooke Lizotte, Randy Leago (“The Ice Cream Changes”), Beth Chandler (“The Ice Cream Changes”)
Drums: Ben Smith
Percussion: Jeff Busch
Background Vocals: Keely Whitney, Tina Hart, Liz Aday, Terry Wilson, (Carson Whitsett, Jim Brock, and Viktor Krauss on ‘Weathered’), (Randy Leago on ‘The Ice Cream Changes’)