Danny O'Keefe

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Looking Glass & The Dreamers

Looking Glass & The Dreamers is the culmination of Danny O'Keefe's years of historical research, first-hand exploration, and emotional turmoil spent unraveling the tragic story of the Nez Perce and how they lost their homeland in present-day Oregon and Idaho. Along the way the project grew and melded into a collection of compelling narratives, historical photographs and the twelve captivating songs that make up the package. (more)

Forbes Magazine Article - Gary Stoller

Native American reservations and surrounding lands are a fountain of knowledge for travelers looking to learn about the early history of our country. Many, though, are unfamiliar with the Nez Perce, a Northwest tribe that has become the subject of a new album, Looking Glass & The Dreamers, by singer-songwriter Danny O'Keefe. (more)

American Songwriter Review - Lee Zimmerman

Danny O’Keefe: From Good Time Charlie to Tales of the Nez Perce, He Furthers His Musical Mission. Looking Glass and The Dreamers (Road Cannon Music) Gets 4 1/2 Stars out of Five (more)

Pure Music interview by Frank Goodman

A few years back, we had a good little recording studio on Music Row in Nashville, Puremusic Studios. A lot of interesting things went down in there, with Dan Spomer at the board and managing things. Our buddy Mick Conley would often drop in and loan us gear to check out or to engineer or mix something... (more)

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