1984 - The Day To Day - Coldwater Records
Produced By Matthew McCauley, Tony Peluso, and Danny O’Keefe
Engineered By Mark Linett & Paul Brown; Tony Peluso w/Ralph Sutton; Larry Nefzger

There are no specific musician credits on the recording notes
Various players involved:
Veyler Hildebrand, Leah Kunkel, Penny Nichols, Steve Foreman
Steve Farris, Timothy B. Schmidt, Hadley Hockensmith, Randy Strom
Pat Mastolato, Gabe Katona, Dan Dean, Lane and Tina Gullickson
Chris Leighton, Beth Chandler, Carolee Mayne, Joel Tepp

Call The Nomads
Along For The Ride
Everything In Grey
Hold Your Fire
If It Weren't for the Rain
Night School
The Prize
The Sidewalk Symphony
North By Northwest
More Than Eva Braun

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